You must have been pitched a million times. Let me show you how to hire a good web designer for your up-coming web projects.

How To Hire a Good Web Designer

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Yes, we build high converting sites. If you’re searching all over the internet for web designers for your project, by now you must have been pitched a million times.

On this page, I want to show you how to hire a good designer for your up-coming web projects.

If you are looking to hire a good designer, you should evaluate the following:


#1 Track Record

Hiring via the Internet can be efficient but it does have its draw backs.

You might be hiring a part time student who’s making sites with WordPress themes downloaded from torrent sites… and they probably don’t even realize it’s virus infected.

You can rest assured you don’t have those risks hiring us.

We’re a professional team with web designers, writers, and coders. We do all our work in house, no outsourcing.

1. We’ve built 1000s of affiliate sites since 2010 on the Warrior Forum. 100s of happy customers have left testimonials on our Forum’s thread.

2. We run We coach entrepreneurs and marketers how to rapidly grow their email subscriber lists on the Internet.

3. We are being recommended in 2 well-known books on outsourcing: “The Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing” and “Outsourcing Blitzkrieg 2.0”.

4. We own, a popular pre-made blog site.

#2 Website Visual Appeal

How many times have you clicked away from an amateur looked website immediately after finding it on a Google search?

When you’re hiring a designer remember this tip: pay attention to their sales page.

If a designer can’t even design an eye popping sales page for their site – how can they make a great looking site for your project?

Ask to see sample sites before you order.

Design now transcends the whole user experience. This is important for conversion and lowering bounce rate.

Your content needs to be attractive; both in terms of graphic treatments and readability.

#3 Conversion Rate Optimization

The end goal of your site is to convert more visitors into customers. Don’t hire designers who don’t understand conversion optimization.

You can have the prettiest design, but if it doesn’t convert, it doesn’t matter.

If a web designer doesn’t understand marketing and online consumer psychology, you might end up getting a site which kills its own conversions.

On this page, I show you the biggest 5 conversion killers on most small business sites we’ve seen… and I show you some useful tips to fix them.

You don’t want to hire a “yes-man”.

You want someone who understand conversion optimization, who will tell you “no” and do what’s best for your business.

#4 Search Engine Optimization

Title, description, h1 tags etc are huge for on page SEO.

We’ll take care of all of them for you.

Not only that, we will make sure blog category and achieve pages are deindex to prevent duplicated content on your inner page (90% WordPress designers don’t do this).

Also, we will set up internal links in the right way to optimize on site SEO. Plus a couple other crucial setting to prepare your site for backlink building.

#5 After Sales Support

Most designers will hand you your new site and you’re on your own.

We offer 24 hours after sales support.

Need help? Drop me a line, and I’ll be in touch in 24 hours.

I’m easily accessible on my support page here.

#6 Pricing

You get what you pay for. Nothing great comes cheap.

Not only good content and designs doesn’t come cheap.

Even quality stock photos have their price

Stock photo providers like iStock & Shutterstock charges $5-7 per image. 10 images will cost us $50.

If a designer offers you a site at a ridiculously low price, think twice.

Is your designer “borrowing” images from Google images search?

If you plan for long-term growth why risk your site getting close down once DMCA letters start pouring in?

Was it worth saving that small amount of money only to be shut down?

Hire the best team for your business; don’t hire someone just because he or she is cheap. Think of design as an investment and not a cost.

I’ve seen so many people comes to us when they skimped on paying a good designer, they ended up redoing their sites.

Eventually, they ended up footing the bill to hire us, so don’t waste your time with mediocre designers… trust me that will cost you even more, guaranteed.

Get in touch now and get a quote for your project.

You can reach me here on my contact page.

Look forward to working with your web project!