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Let me show you a couple Amazon product review sites sold on Flippa.

Let me show you an example: This site makes $900+ per month; asking for more than $25,000.

Another example: This site makes $90+ per month; asking for $3,000.

Another example: This site makes $500+ per month; asking for $16,800+.

How do rich Amazon affiliates make a lot of money when they’re only paid a few percent for each sale?

If you would like to make a lot of money promoting physical products using an Amazon product review site, this is going to be the most exciting message you will ever read.

Let me cut to the chase and reveal to you 4 open secrets shared by rich Amazon affiliates that they are often reluctant to share with newbies.

Secret No 1: High Conversion

Amazon products convert extremely well for affiliates compared to products promoted on other affiliate networks.

Most people who start with affiliate marketing tend to shy away from Amazon because of its low commission rate payout.

They see Clickbank vendors paying as high as 90% commission and decide that they want to start with that.

But, most of the time, that’s just wrong.

You see, Amazon has many advantages over other affiliate networks created for affiliate marketers.

The main advantage is that Amazon, a known and trusted name, converts so well.

When someone starts with affiliate marketing, they usually promote products from merchant sites like Clickbank, JVZoo, Commisison Junction, Shareasale, Linkshare, and a bunch of others.

Sure, they’ll get sales. But most of the time, the revenue is really not gonna be earth-shaking.

Most people won’t be able to make a full time income from it.

It’s only when they decide to start promoting Amazon products that most affiliates start seeing real results.

Really, it comes down to the fact that people trust Amazon and that they’re already used to shopping on the site, so when they see a link to Amazon on a webpage they are more likely to click through.

Once people get to Amazon, they tend to buy other things as well – not merely what you sent them there for. You can be rewarded with more than one sale per click through.

Secret No 2: You’ll Realize Multiple Sales From Each Visitor Who Clicks Through To Amazon

You may even get multiple sales through a single visitor whom you persuade (call to action) to your review site. This adds a lot to your commission.

Once people get to Amazon, they tend to buy other things as well – not merely what you sent them there for. You can be rewarded with more than one sale per click through.

This is an open secret shared by most experienced marketers that they’re sometimes reluctant to share with newbies.

You may even get multiple sales through a single visitor whom you persuade (call to action) to your review site. This adds a lot to your commission.

Amazon marketers Wanda and Paula once revealed in their book that they used to have 2,292 sales per month in one of their Amazon accounts.

Of those 2,292 sales, 524 were for products that they were promoting.

The other 1,768 sales were products they didn’t promote in any manner – not even a single mention.

They actually picked up more sales for unrelated products than for those they promoted.

This proves why marketers make so much money promoting products that pay between 1-3% commission.

Secret 3: Rich Affiliates Only Set Up Persona-Based Content

In affiliate marketing, publishing review websites is a proven model to make a LOT of money online.

Review sites work (when it’s done right, of course, more on that later ) because they attract buyers who are in the last cycle of making a purchase.

Review site visitors are real buyers – they’re not just free info seekers.

But 90% of reviews out there are boring.

I’m sure you have seen this type of product review almost everywhere on the internet:

Today, I am going to review the Breville 800JEXL Juice Extractor. It comes with a heavy-duty 1,000-watt motor with dual speed control: a low-speed (6,500 rpm) for softer fruits and vegetables, and a high-speed (13,000 rpm) for harder fruits and vegetables.

Here are the pros. And the cons. Click here to buy!

Boooooring! They fail to grab attention and it just doesn’t connect with visitors.

It just doesn’t connect with visitors.

People usually scan these articles for just a few seconds before leaving. It’s history.


People buy from real people, not from soul-less websites.

You should take this to heart when outsourcing any product review site.

And it’s a principle that we strictly adhere to. We won’t create any crappy, soulless content for you that only makes your readers lose interest and click away.

When we start, we’ll first figure out the demographics of your market in order to create a persona for you. Before even starting to write a review article, we will “fabricate” your persona.

Next, we will pick a persona image for you that aligns with the people in your market. We will then weave a story into the product reviews that we write for you.

This is how you will see massive conversions. It is the personal element that gets product review sites to CONVERT.

It is “Judie”, the young lady in the neighborhood, who was raving about the results that she got from the new Breville Juice Extractor that she just bought.

Prospects can easily identify with “Judie”.

She happens to be just like them; she used to be fat but is now slim and looks real sexy all because of this awesome juice extractor that she got from Amazon.

They can’t wait to buy the same juicer and try it out using the same recipe Judie just shared on her amateur-looking personal review site.

“Dang! If it works for Judie, it’s sure to work for me”

This same little conversation goes on in the minds of the visitors who land on your Amazon product review site.

It goes pretty fast – there’s very little thinking involved in it. The connection is made in a heartbeat.

Today, retailers of every shape and size – from office supply giant Staples, Inc. to the likes of skin care boutique H2O Plus – are using persona development as part of their online marketing strategies.

Just ask Steve Franzman, who used personas to boost conversions by 400%, and get a 2-1 return on a floundering pay-per-click (PPC) campaign.

Persona-based review marketing is very powerful!

Remember, only set up a persona-based review site when you’re promoting Amazon products on your site.

Secret No 4: Niche Selection

Carve this into your mindset: when you pick the right niche, traffic generation is quite easy!

You see, not all niches are profitable.

It’s not that promoting certain products are not making money; it’s just that you won’t get a lot of traffic if you’re in the wrong niche.

Let me give you some examples:

Stand mixers niche – When you check Amazon, you’ll find out that Kitchen-Aid stand mixers have 2,000+ or 2,500+ customer reviews.

Now, the rule of thumb with Amazon is 50 products sold for every 1 customer review.

So that’s 2,500 customer reviews x 50 = 125,000.

That is a lot of stand mixers sold based on the number of product reviews.

The problem with this niche is that every person and their grandmother is promoting it.

There is nothing that a small affiliate marketer who is just starting out in the business can ever do to get their review sites ranking in the top 100 pages for any keyword.

Baby diapers niche – Regardless of how the economy is doing, babies need diapers.

How can you fail with such a high demand niche?

Well, the fact is, you can fail in this niche worse than you can with stand mixers. It’s so hard for small affiliates to rank in the top 500 search engine results pages for diapers.

Remember, you want to go into a niche which is less competitive yet still has a decent amount of traffic with which to grow your business.

Secret No 5: Ranking Your Review Site

Rich affiliates know how to rank their review sites on Google search results.

Contrary to common belief, Google DOES like affiliate sites.

It really aggravates me when I read a forum post or blog article touting that Google hates them. Well no, they don’t. Google hates low quality affiliate sites, but they like to rank high quality affiliate sites.

Since Google is in the business of delivering the best search results to searchers, making your reviews the very best answer to the searcher’s need will definitely be rewarded, even if you are running an affiliate site.

How do you do it?

I’ve written a short guide to show you how top Amazon affiliates rank their sites on Google quickly.

If you want to see learn how they do it, drop your email address in the contact form below this page to get a copy of my guide for FREE.

You’ll be asked to provide your name and email address. After receiving your message in my personal inbox, I’ll then send you the guide by hand (not via any autoresponders).

I’m truly sick of watching affiliate marketers work their asses off on their sites for months – even years – with zero chance of ever succeeding, no matter what they do.

All that wasted time, effort and money – what a tragedy!

If you want to see how top Amazon affiliates rank their review sites, drop me a line below to grab a free copy of my guide.

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