The Secret of Making Lots of Money Using Tiny Amazon Product Review Sites
Verena, Founder, Chief Designer.

Hey there, I’m Verena.

I’ve been building websites for marketers since 2010. I offer different web design services ranging from small business web designs to affiliate sites.

One type of site beats them all with orders- the Amazon product review site.


It gives my clients the best ROI.

These sites don’t have to be big; they can be small sites with just a couple of pages on them.

A lot of my clients have made tons of money just by reviewing Amazon products on their small sites linking to Amazon. When sales are made, they get paid commission by Amazon.

The great thing about this model is that when your sites are ranked at the top of Google search for your specific keywords, making money becomes a breeze. It’s automatic. Of course, you’ve to struggle a bit to get up there, especially in your early days. But trust me, all the effort is worth it.

Let me show you an example: This site made $300+ per month; sold it for $12,500.

Another example: This site made $200+ per month; sold it for $16,500.

Another example: This site made $500+ per month; sold it for $17,400.

If you find those 3 amazing, it’s because you haven’t seen this yet:

It was a mini review site created by Luqman.

Luqman’s 8-page mini site generated $120K in the first year it was launched

Luqman Khan is a college student majoring in computer science.

He is from Lahore, Pakistan’s second biggest city.

During his free time, Luqman works on It started as a review site on computer related products like gaming mice and Wi-Fi routers. He then went on to reviewing other products he loves.

Luqman’s entire strategy was based on ranking for ‘best [product] of the year’ review articles.

On just his fourth month after launching the site, Luqman had made $4,500 in commission.

5 months later, he saw himself profiting more than $40,000 in November. Then, $80,000 in December. Here is his November Amazon earning report:

In his first year alone, he netted more than $120,000 in commission out of his small review site.

At that time all he had was 8 pages on his mini review site.

The bulk of his traffic from Google search was sent to three main pages which covered wireless routers, 3D pens and electric shavers people searched for using the year based search term in that year.

The strategy: publish year-specific review articles

Now you have seen Luqman’s success story, making so much money quickly with just an 8-page mini-site. Pretty amazing huh?

So, what’s his twist to the review site strategy everyone else uses?

He published year-specific review articles on his site.

Here is the strategy in a nutshell:

#1: Find products that people will be searching for that year (2022 for example) that are the best in different categories.

#2: Create a review page highlighting the products which you think are the best and link to them with an Amazon affiliate link

#3: Make sure the review page is optimized for ‘year-specific’ terms. Like “best Wi-Fi router 2022”.

#4: Build links to the review page to rank it at the top of Google search results.

#5: Rinse and repeat.

I have oversimplified it here but that is the general gist of things.

This strategy puts a unique twist to how most marketers promote products on Amazon by using year-specific review articles.

Why does this work?

Because year specific terms command a lot of Google search, and yet have very little SEO competition vs most of the key phrases others are targeting.

For example:

Others compete for popular terms: Wi-Fi router

You compete for an equally profitable, less competitive term: best Wi-Fi router 2022.

The result?

Your pages will rank more easily on the top of Google search results-and faster too. That means better and faster affiliate commission.

In virtually every niche online, people naturally use year specific terms to search for things on Google

Have you ever used Google to check out the best movies in any given year?

Millions of people do the same annually to know the best movie of the current year they are in.

According to the Google Keyword Planner, the term “best movie 2021” was searched up to 1 million times a month in the USA alone.

That’s 12 million searches a year.

Here is the thing, it’s not just about movies; we let Google tell us what to look for pretty much every product and service we want before making any decision.

We search for:

“best cell phone + year”

“best fiction book + year”

“best pc game + year”

And the list goes on.

People love adding the current year they are into their search queries to make sure they are getting the most up to date suggestions. You would do the same, wouldn’t you?

A big portion of these searchers ends up buying their products on Amazon- one of the biggest and most trusted e-commerce websites in the world.

Get the idea?

Very few Amazon affiliates realize this. They don’t SEO for long, year-specific keywords. They mistakenly assume that there is no traffic there.

Therefore, a ton of these “hidden” year specific key phrases which command lots of searches on Google have very little SEO competition.

Starting to see the power of the year specific review site for massive traffic generation with very little SEO effort?

If you optimize your site for just that, it’s no wonder that you’d have a massive advantage over others- just like Luqman.

This strategy doesn’t just work for 2022, or 2023, or 2024. It will work year in and year out for many years to come.

The reason is simple: every year people will add the current year they are into their search queries when they do their research online before they head for Amazon. So, you can rely on this strategy to build a long-term Amazon affiliate-based business.

Back to Luqman’s story…

After 2 years of launching his site, Luqman sold on EmpireFlippers.

EmpireFlippers is a marketplace for buying and selling websites (like Flippa). Here is the link to his listing on EmpireFlippers.

His site was in the EmpireFlippers’ marketplace for less than a week before it was sold for almost $600K!

By the time he sold it, his site was dominating almost all product categories he was reviewing about.

Best drone camera, best gaming mouse, best wireless router, best windshield wiper, best hoverboard, best crossbow. It’s all over the net.

According to Luqman he still can’t believe it when he thinks about it today. For a young man to make more than half a million dollar in less than a week (the amount excluding what he had made off Amazon all this time) in a third world country, unbelievable.

A year specific review site doesn’t just work for a single year, it’s a long-term business model

This is a great business model for anyone to kick start an online business with, especially when you are very new to making money on the Internet.

You could set-up a software review site and every article could be a different type of software you try to rank for with 2022 related terms.

You could set-up a tech review site and every article could be a different type of gadget or hardware you’re trying to rank for with 2022-related search terms.

You could set-up a gift guide website and every article could be focused on things like ‘best women’s gifts 2022’ or ‘best kids toys 2022’ and so on.

The key with a mini-site is to make sure the theme of the website stays on point. You don’t want to be covering both software and the best kid’s toy.

Pick one topic and stick with it, find key phrases related to things that people can buy on If it’s available on Amazon, you can link to it as an affiliate, and make money if someone makes a purchase.

A year specific review site doesn’t just work for a single year, it’s a long-term business model as long as you keep your web pages’ meta tags and your product reviews updated when it’s a new year.

Every year, here is what you will do to maintain your page’s Google ranking:

#1. Update the meta tags to the current year. Like change “best electric shavers 2022” to “best electric shavers 2023”.

#2. Update your reviews to reflect the current best product in the category.

There are no changes to the web pages’ URLs.

Of course, you can run the site for a year or two and sell it for big money.

Now that you’ve gotten the big picture of how you can make money using a mini review site, it’s time to start working on it.

The first step? You need a website.

You will make a one-time payment of $160 for a custom review site (or $260 for 2 sites, $360 for 3 sites)

You will make a one-time payment of $160 for a custom review site (or $260 for 2 sites, $360 for 3 sites) + training.

Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Choose your plan below. Once you have paid, drop me an email at and I’ll get back to you. We’ll discuss the specifics of your sites like niche selections and domain names.

Step 2: Once we have those straightened out, we’ll work hard building the sites – in the mean time, you’ll get access to the training material to get you prepared for growing your sites.

Step 3: We’ll hand you the sites, and you’ll grow it using the strategies you have learned and make your business fly.

Our offer is straightforward: you want a system to make money on the Internet that actually works.

We’ll show you a proven system that works + build you a site to achieve that.

Simply put, we know how to make you money with an Amazon review site. Order your sites from us, and we’ll build them and coach you till you are successful.

Choose a Plan that Works for You

One-time payment only. No monthly fees, no recurring payment.

What you get by hiring us

Here are what you’ll get when you hire us to build your sites:

Customised Websites

Customized Amazon product review sites. You get 2500-word reviews (each site) + on site SEO. We will create the essential pages required by Google and FTC as well – disclosure, privacy and contact.

Research Services

You get free domain name search. No idea of a profitable niche? No worries, you get free niche research, free keywords research and top Amazon products recommendations too.

Free Training

We give you detailed, step-by-step instructions in our private membership site. Super affiliates use the exact same system to run their sites. Replicate what the vets do to make your Amazon affiliate business fly.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am new to this, how does it work?

Here is what usually happens when someone wants to buy something:

I want to buy a camera > check on Amazon but not sure > Google up a review article > click on an affiliate link > buy.

People look for information on the internet and then buy on Amazon. Review Amazon products on your site, link the products to Amazon. When sales are made, you get paid commission by Amazon.

Will this site help me get approved as an Amazon affiliate if I'm not already?

Absolutely! The thing is, Amazon wants to look at a professional, Amazon compliant affiliate website before they can approve your application.

Most of our clients do this: we build them the site; and they use it to get approved as an Amazon affiliate. We know exactly what Amazon wants and will create a site fully compliant with their requirements.

The success rate so far? 100%. When you hire us to create your site, we guarantee Amazon approval.

Will you find me a niche? Or do I give you a niche to work from?

If you have anything in mind, send them to us. We’ll analyze them for you to see whether they are worthwhile.

If you don’t have any specific niches in mind, we can recommend something awesome.

Either way works.

What effort is involved in getting this site to generate profit?

When we complete a site for you, we’ll show you how to grow it.

We’re putting in a couple of smart tweaks on how to get these sites to rank 10x faster. You’ll be spending less effort to rank your site rank vs others. We’ll show you the step-by-step process in our training.

The effort involved? Like all businesses, you’ll have to put in some work. It’s to rank your site on Google the right way. The beauty in this is that you’ll follow a proven white hat SEO plan, no guessing what’s next. No more buying PBN links from Blackhatters. All this information we’re going to teach you is gold. It will save you time and money without needing to figure it out yourself.

How soon do I expect to see profit?

You’ll make profit when your site gets ranked on Google and starts sending traffic to Amazon.

Generally, Google starts to rank a new site after 3-4 months of it going live. But we’ve seen sites in less competitive niches start to move up the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) after 3 weeks.

What kind of support is offered?

When you hire us, we don’t just build you a site and leave you alone, we show you how to grow it.

Here is how we will support you once you are a client:

#1. You’ll get access to the material (13-chapter course in our private membership site) on how to make this work. Just follow the steps, and you are good. That’s one.

#2. You get access to us when you have questions; say you are unsure if certain things will work or not, we are just an email away.

#3. If you need small tweaks on your site, we can do it for you for free. Of course, if you need a major revamp, we’ll take a small fee.

Actually, we are flexible to work with and we do our best to make sure our customers get great support.