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Verena, Founder, Chief Designer.

I’m going to share with you a powerful way to generate a lot of traffic and sales using viral sites.

You see…

Google is harder to crack these days.

After numerous algorithm updates in the past few years, it’s harder and harder to rank a new affiliate site fast on Google.

Smart marketers now turn to Facebook as their primary source of traffic.

They curate viral content that people are eager to like and share. We call these viral sites.

They share trending, funny and interesting content and videos on Facebook, and send their audience to their viral sites for monetization.

No more spending time on cranking out so-called unique content and building backlinks.

No SEO is needed. Duplicated content is welcome as long as you don’t monetize your site with AdSense (there are so many AdSense alternatives these days: Taboola, Outbrain, RevContent. etc.).

Post a couple of trending stories and videos on your site on a daily basis, share them on a Facebook fan page that you create. That’s the whole idea of running and monetizing viral sites.

Here is a Super Successful Viral Site Story

Scott DeLong launched a site called Viral Nova which aggregates “trending stories and pictures around the Web.” And it has made him rich.

2 years later, Scott sold his viral site to Zealot Networks for $100 million.

One guy who launched a site without having any full-time staff and without raising any money from outside investors, and two years later, sold it for $100 million.

That is powerful – all thanks to building a viral site.

Scott is not alone to curate content from other websites though. Sites like Bored Panda, 9Gag, ICanHasCheezburger, Upworthy, Distractify and many others have been doing so and make a lot of money monetizing Facebook traffic that heads for their viral sites.

If You’re a Lone Warrior, Running a VIDEO Viral Site is Easier

If you’re a lone warrior, running a video site is a lot easier than curating content from various sources + managing graphics/images with Photoshop.

So, I’d recommend a viral VIDEO SITE.

Just hunt down viral videos on Youtube and share them on your site. Easy!

Let me show you 3 ugly viral video sites, each which is worth between $300K – $4 Million dollars.

They’ve become highly successful sites just by sharing (mostly) Youtube videos.

1. Godvine, a Christian video website (worth between $1-$4million)

2. Funker530, a military video site (worth between $300K-$700K)

3. ICanHasCheezburger, funny animal video site (worth around $1-$2 million, according to online website value calculators)

Why You Should Run a Viral Video Site in a Specific Niche & Not a General One

If you want to start a viral site, I’d recommend running a viral video site in a SPECIFIC niche.

Here are a couple of reasons:

1. Today, the general viral-site arena is already too crowded while there are still so many niches out there that are wide open with ample opportunity to grow. So, you need to niche down.

2. With a niche specific site, you spend less on acquiring Facebook fans. (Yes, when you start, you need to spend some money buying ads on Facebook. I can send you a guide for this)

3. If you run a generic site like Viral Nova, you’re pretty much set on running generic ads that please all people. Most of the time, you’ll depend on AdSense income alone. It’s too risky if your entire business is relying on only one income source.

4. If you run a niche site, you can target people with specific physical and information products, and not depend on AdSense income alone.

5. You’d be surprised: In a lot of cases, the smaller niche audience can generate greater income simply because you target what kind of products and services your audience is looking for.

Put up viral sites, buy cheap traffic from Facebook, monetize the sites with AdSense and Native Ads (like Taboola, Outbrain, RevContent) and affiliate offers.

That’s how smart marketers are growing their virtual real estate on the fast track these days.

Now, most people don’t have the right skills to build a viral site that’s optimized for AdSense, native advertising, affiliate offers and social share.

Not only that – they do not know in which niche to start a profitable site.

Here is How I Come in To Help…

If you have a specific niche in mind, I can custom a viral video site of your choice for you. Just write to me so we can discuss your chosen niche.

I’ll study your niche and tell you if it’s a fit for a viral site.

If you don’t have a niche in mind, we’ll recommend the best niches for you.

Not every niche can make a profit by using Facebook/social traffic. When you write to me, I’ll share details with you.

When you hire us, we do all the work for you: we recommend the best domain names, build you a viral video site, and monetize your viral site with relevant affiliate offers.

We locate the most viral videos for your niche and install 13- 15 videos for you on your site. When we complete your job, I’ll show you where to locate viral videos so you can continually update your site with attention grabbing material.

When I hand over your site to you, I’ll send you a guide on how to get cheap traffic from Facebook and grow your site.


Drop me a line and let’s discuss the plan for your project.

You can reach me using the contact form at the end of this page.

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