How Marketing Geniuses Make a Ton of Money Curating Viral Content Online
Verena, Founder, Chief Designer.
Meet Elise Andrew.

1. Canadian.

2. Owned – the most popular science viral site on the Internet.

3. Site reaches more people than Popular Science, Scientific America, The New York Times and US Weekly combined.

4. Was offered $30 million to sell her website back in 2015. She turned it down.

5. Sold it to LabX Media in 2020 for more than she was offered back in 2015.

One solopreneur launched a site without no full-time staff, without raising any money from outside investors and then sold it for millions.

That’s powerful.

And it’s all thanks to building a viral site by curating interesting science content online.

Crazy huh?

But Elise is not alone in the viral site gold rush.

Sites like Buzzfeed, Ranker, Bored Panda, Thechive, YourDailyDish, Upworthy and many others have been doing so and make a lot of money using the same business model:

They curate viral content.

Why viral sites

You see…

Google is harder to crack these days.

After numerous algorithm updates in the past few years, it’s getting tougher to rank a new website fast on Google.

Smart marketers now turn to social media as their primary source of traffic.

They curate viral content that people are eager to read and share. We call these viral sites.

They share trending, funny and interesting content and drive traffic to their sites for monetization.

No more spending time on cranking out so-called unique content and building backlinks.

No SEO is needed. Duplicated content is welcome as long as you don’t monetize your site with AdSense (which you should ignore anyway – today, there are so many better monetization options).

Post a couple of trending stories and videos on your site on a daily basis, share them on social media and see your site grow every day.

That’s the whole idea of running and monetizing viral sites.

If you’re a lone warrior, running a viral VIDEO site is easier


If you’re a lone warrior, running a video site is a lot easier than curating content from various sources + managing graphics/images with Photoshop.

So, I’d recommend a viral VIDEO site.

Just hunt down viral videos on YouTube and share them on your site. Easy!

Let me show you 3 ugly viral video sites, each of which is worth between $20K – $4 Million dollars.

They’ve become highly successful sites just by sharing videos on them.

1. Funker530, a military video site (worth $20K)

2. TwistedSifter, a site that covers travel, photography, animals, nature and more (worth $80K)

3. ICanHasCheezburger, funny animal gifs (worth $4 million, according to online website value calculators)

If you want to start a site, I’d recommend running a viral video site in a SPECIFIC niche just like these guys do…

If you run a niche site, you can target people with niche-specific products.

You’d be surprised: In a lot of cases, a smaller niche audience can generate more income simply because it’s easier to target the products and services your audience is looking for.

Put up viral video sites, share them on social media, monetize the sites with high converting affiliate offers.

That’s how smart marketers are growing their virtual real estate on the fast track these days.

Now, most people don’t have the right skills to build a viral video site that’s optimized for conversion and social share.

Not only that – they do not know which are the best niches to start a profitable site in and how to start driving social traffic.

Here is how we come in to help…

When you hire us to build your site, we do all the work for you:

We will recommend the right niche, the best domain names, build you a viral video site, and monetize your viral site with the right affiliate offers.

We’ll locate the most viral videos (for your niche) and install 20-30 videos on your site + show you our process, so you get to continuously update your site with good stuff.

When your site is ready, we’ll show you the exact steps we do to get server-melting traffic to our own site.

Better still, all the traffic generation techniques are completely free. No ad spend is required.

Love the idea?

If so, here is the deal…

You will make a one-time payment of $190 for a custom viral video site (or $290 for 2 sites, $390 for 3 sites)

You will make a one-time payment of $190 for a custom viral video site (or $290 for 2 sites, $390 for 3 sites) + training.

Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Choose your plan below. Once you have paid, drop me an email at and I’ll get back to you. We’ll discuss the specifics of your sites like niche selection and domain names.

Step 2: Once we have those straightened out, we’ll work hard building the sites – in the meantime, you’ll instantly get access to the traffic guide to get you prepared for growing your sites.

Step 3: We’ll hand you the sites, and you’ll grow them using the traffic ideas you have learned and make your viral site fly.

Our offer is straightforward:

You want a system to make money on the Internet that actually works.

We’ll show you a proven system that works + build you a site to achieve that.

Choose a Plan that Works for You

One-time payment only. No monthly fees, no recurring payment.

What you get by hiring us

Here are what you’ll get when you hire us to build your sites:

Customised Websites

Customized viral video sites. You get 20-30 videos preinstalled for you per site + we’ll show you where to access more viral videos so you can continually update your site with good stuff. We will create the essential pages required by FTC as well – disclosure, privacy and contact.

Research Services

You get free domain name suggestions. No idea of a profitable niche? No worries, you get free niche research for all the sites you order from us. Also, we will set up the best affiliate offers for your sites.

Free Hosting

Free 12-months web hosting. Want to host it on your own server? That’s fine too. Just send us your web server login details; we’ll build the site there for you.

Traffic Guide

We give you detailed, step-by-step instructions in our traffic generation guide. Rich viral site owners use the exact same system to kick start their sites. Replicate what the vets do to make your viral site business fly.

Site Flipping Guide

Bonus: site flipping guide. Everyone goes to Flippa to queue their listing. Not smart. We’ll show you where to sell your site for 10X profit without having to optimize Flippa’s algorithm. In case you have an exit plan: this piece is golden.

12-Months Guarantee

Try this for 365 days. If you do exactly what we teach you and don’t make back your investment, submit proof that you gave the training an honest effort and we’ll refund your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am new to this, how does it work?
When someone watches a video on your website, they will notice ad banners pop up left and right that interest them (we will get those ads set up for you)

Here is what happens next:

They click on the ad to find out more. When they buy something, you get paid commission by the merchant.

Is embedding videos considered copyright infringement?

Don’t get it wrong. We don’t steal other’s videos; instead, we embed videos hosted by YouTube (and other video-sharing sites) on our website using code provided by the video sharing sites.

Embedding YouTube videos on your website is not a copyright violation as you are actually using an embed link code provided by YouTube. You don’t host the video, YouTube does.

The YouTube TOS states the following:

You also hereby grant each user of the Service a non-exclusive license to access your Content through the Service, and to use, reproduce, distribute, display and perform such Content as permitted through the functionality of the Service and under these Terms of Service. [YouTube TOS part 6C]

This clearly states that when an owner of a video uploads a vid to YouTube, they actually grant others a limited license to embed their video when they leave the embed option on (which is part of the functionality of the YouTube Service).

Not convinced? Here are 2 court rulings:

The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in the United States ruled that embedding videos in your blog or website is not a copyright infringement.

As long as that video hasn’t been copied from the original source, the owner’s copyright has not been violated. People who watch embedded videos are not infringing on the owner’s copyright either.

Not just the US, the Court of Justice of the European Union had the same verdict. Details here:

Will you find me a niche? Or do I give you a niche to work from?
If you have anything in mind, send them to us. We’ll analyze them for you to see whether they are worthwhile.

If you don’t have any specific niches in mind, we can recommend something awesome.

Either way works.

What effort is involved in getting this site to generate profit?
When we complete a site for you, we’ll show you how to grow it.

The effort involved? Like all businesses, you’ll have to put in some work. It’s to add videos to your site + share your website on social media correctly.

We will show you detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to load more content to your site + how to drive an enormous amount of traffic every day using social media.

The beauty in this is that you’ll follow a proven process rich viral site owners are using, no guessing.

All this information we’re going to teach you is gold. It will save you time and money without needing to figure it out yourself.

How soon do I expect to see profit?
We will set up affiliate ads around every video on your website.

You’ll start making profit when your site gets traffic and the ads start to convert visitors into buyers for you.

Generally, when our students implement traffic strategies we show them, they start to get visitors to their websites within a few days.

What kind of support is offered?
When you hire us, we don’t just build you a site and leave you alone, we show you how to grow it.

Here is how we will support you once you are a client:

#1. We will give you everything you need to make this work quickly for you. The end result? Within days, you’ll have driven a load of traffic from social media to your viral site – even if you have zero experience on using social media now. Just follow the steps, and you are good. That’s one.

#2. Not only will you have a clear and proven model for growing profitable viral sites. You also get access to us when you have questions. If you are unsure about anything, we are just an email away.

#3. If you need small tweaks on your site, we can do it for you for free. Of course, if you need a major revamp, we’ll take a small fee.

Actually, we’re flexible to work with and we do our best to make sure our customers get great support.