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Verena, Founder, Chief Designer.

Need a website for your business?

Make sure you hire a reliable business site team and not just any web designer.

Not all web designers understand online marketing for small businesses. They could be hurting your business with known conversion killers.

Hello, I’m Verena.

We build websites that convert.

We’ve been building sites for small businesses since 2010. We are definitely the right team for your upcoming project.

But unlike others, I don’t want to start out by pitching our services.

Instead, I want to show you how to hire the right web design team for your upcoming professional business site.

Remember this: Don’t hop over to a freelancing site and quickly hire a freelancer just because the pricing is cheap or because they boast experience in dozens of weird computer languages.

The simple fact is: You need to hire someone who understands online marketing for small business sites.

Not a tech guy and, obviously, not the lowest price bidder.

You need to market your business online, right?

If a web designer doesn’t understand marketing and online consumer psychology, you might end up getting a site that kills its own conversions.

Let me show you the 5 biggest conversion killers we’ve seen on small business sites.

Conversion Killer 1: Self-Centric Main Page (Do this and you’ll lose your site visitors in 2 seconds!)

people aren’t concerned with your business – they only care how your products and services will improve their lives.

Welcome to Tower Bridge Advisors

“Founded in 2001” – Come on… who cares?

“Singular focus on providing exceptional investment management services to individuals, families and select institutions” – It doesn’t resonate to anything to anyone, just wasted 2 seconds of my life reading this line.

“Majority owned by employees” – So what? It’s none of my business. Show me how you can help me make 10% returns in 12 months, not who owns the company; I just don’t care. I guess I’d better click away and keep on Googling…


It just doesn’t connect with visitors

These sites spend twice as much time talking about their own business as they do addressing their customer.

The thing is: people aren’t concerned with your business – they only care how your products and services will improve their lives.

Instead of this crappy jargon on a site, always, always show what you can do for your customers.

The earlier, the better. Preferably as soon as they land on your site.

Conversion Killer 2: It’s Too Complicated

Less is more – remember that.

The above is an example of an excellent home page: the focus is clear and concise, the design is simple and to the point.

It’s tempting to cram everything into your home page: optin form, social proof, pitching, etc.

However, when you combine too many shouts together, they compete for attention. A visitor won’t know what to do, and you will quickly lose a lead or sale when they click away.

The fix? Simplify your home page.

What’s the one thing that you want people to do when they land on your site? Make that the focus of your main page. Minimize competing elements.

Make sure there is a clear call-to-action, so visitors always know what to do.

Intuit Quickbooks focuses on getting the sign up with a clear call-to-action on their home page. Less is more – remember that.

Conversion Killer 3: Failing to Answer Why They Have to Buy from You

Great sites quickly address the question (using great and concise copy) within a few seconds of someone landing on them.

Failing to do that can turn into another wasted day in your business’ online presence.

It’s super-duper important that you immediately tell your audience why they should buy from you and not from your competition.

This site does it pretty well.

“Need Flowers Even Faster? Order before 3pm and our expert florists will deliver in 3 hours.”

Same day flower delivery is already a norm in this market. The seller goes one step further by delivering it in 3 hours. That’s a great proposition to differentiate them from the competition.

What is unique about your offer?

Do you have the best quality products?

Do you have the most complete package?

Or do you have the cheapest price?

Your website should provide that info to your prospects.

When people understand why they should buy from you and not from others, you win.

Conversion Killer 4: Low Quality Site Design and Images

When you land on the two sites above, which one would you rather spend a few seconds on to see what they have to offer?

We guess it’s obvious…

LegalZoom is a leading US provider of online legal document services and plans. Its site design clearly beats its competitors.

The site commands a 3-month strong EPC (earnings per click) of $226.


When you’re selling on the Internet, your site’s visual aspect should be strongly convincing. Your site design is a crucial part in selling your products and services online.

Here’s a tip: Before you hire a design team, first take a look at their own website. If they can’t even come out with a visually decent site, how on earth can they help your site to achieve it?

Conversion Killer 5: Your Site Doesn’t Look Trustworthy

Tell me – would you trust this yoga class site within a few seconds of landing on it? If you wouldn’t, then chances are most would feel the same.

The site owner better do something immediately to make the site more trustworthy in the eyes of their prospects before they do anything else.

People buy from sites like like second nature simply because their brand is already widely recognized. They don’t have to prove to the masses that they are trustworthy.

But that is not the case with small, unknown business sites.

Your potential customers are worried about doing business with someone on the Internet whom they have never heard of before.

Your site design must be structured to address these issues.

Here are some useful tips to make your site look more trustworthy.

Tip 1: Don’t Be A Faceless Business

Small business websites often use formal language and generic stock photos, thinking that these would make them look more professional.

However, in reality, people prefer doing business with real people.

So show your face on your site. You’ll certainly get more inquires, convert more leads and do more business as a result of this.

Shoot a short video talking to your audience just like Chris Conly does in his one-man guitar lessons site.

If you have a bigger team or a larger office, show them on your site just like does.

These definitely look more real than using stock photos!

Tip 2: Showcase Your Past Work

Houston’s cosmetic and implant dentists, Rick Kline and Bret Davis, place their customers’ before and after pictures on their site.

This is a very powerful way to showcase what they can do for their prospective clients.

Now, their site is no longer a “nobody” in people’s minds. It shows a real business which is serving real customers.

They even go to the extent of sponsoring Miss Texas and Miss Texas Teen beauty pageants every year.

This further comforts their prospective customers and builds trust for the business.

Smart marketing, indeed.

Tip 3: Use Media Exposure

A company immediately looks more real when a recognizable media publication mentions it.

People respect publications in their industry (e.g., Forbes for business, Wired for technologies, Maxim for adult males, etc.).

There are tons of magazines in almost any major industry. If your business has been mentioned or featured in one, tell your site visitors about it. has had their projects featured in some of the most respectable interior design magazines – and proudly mentions this on their homepage.

It gives them an immediate boost to their trustworthiness when compared to their competition.

Very powerful!

Tip 4: Show People How You Conduct Your Business Through Videos

If you’re a startup with no customer testimonials, no work portfolio to showcase, no media mileage – what do you do to build trust?

Here is a sure-fire way to make your business site look trustworthy to prospective clients – without costing a fortune.

Shoot and post videos on your site showing people how you conduct your business.

They can be any amateur videos. The quality of the videos doesn’t really matter; you’re not using them to sell stuff.

They’re just there to show prospects that there are real people running a real business.

Let the other elements on the site take care of the conversions.

Take the business site of Joel and Kyle, the Brink brothers who provide roofing services to the residents of Erie, PA and Erie County.

They have a bunch of videos on the site showing how they clean roofs in their local areas.

They completed over 100 roofs in the first year of their business. And their business continues to grow.

The last time we communicated with Kyle, he told us that their business website is generating enough traffic to give them a good supply of appointments for their roofing business.

Those amateur videos on their site are apparently helping them quite a bit.

Let Us Build You a Business Site That Converts Like Crazy!

We will build you a professional-looking site for your business.

But not only that.

We’ll also study your business and recommend how we can help you to optimize it for massive conversion.

We’ve built 1000+ sites for small businesses, Internet marketers, freelancers and consultants since 2010.

We have the right expertise to really help your business.

Just drop us a line and we’ll discuss your project.

We’ll even throw in some thoughts on how we could possibly help you to optimize your site for higher and more consistent conversion and sales.

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Why Hire Us?

Great Track Record

1. My Team have built 1000+ sites for businesses and online marketers.

2. We are being recommended in 2 outsourcing books: “The Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing” and “Outsourcing Blitzkrieg 2.0”.

3. We coach entrepreneurs and marketers on how to rapidly grow their email subscriber lists on the Internet here.

4. We’re the most popular web design team on the Warrior Forum (world’s largest internet marketing forum) since 2010. So many happy customers can’t be wrong.

The Best After Sales Support

We’re in our 10th year of providing our web site design and optimization services to businesses.

And we’re still serving a lot of repeat clients who bought from us from day one. Isn’t that cool?

With us, you can be sure that we’re right behind you whenever you need help with anything pertaining to your site.

So many providers have come and gone over the years.

Some of our clients (who bought from other providers) had no one to turn to when they needed small tweaks to their sites, like deleting a date stamp, setting up a new plugin, tweaking the lead capture system to their sites, etc.

These are huge challenges where you really need someone to point you in the right direction.

Professional Designs

We build eye-popping, professionally-designed business sites. That’s key to a LOW bounce rate.

How many times do people immediately click away when they realize they’ve landed on an amateur-looking site?

When you hire a web designer, make sure that you don’t “save” a few bucks, yet lose a ton of money over time due to a high bounce rate, a low conversion rate, a fast zero trust factor when they land on your site, and more.

You’ll Always Have Peace of Mind When You Hire Us

We’ve seen quality web design services selling at ridiculously low prices.

It’s true, being expensive doesn’t necessarily mean being better.

But cheap services are rarely great – the designers might either be using the service as a front end offer or they’re as new as the next newbie and are just trying to make money while learning the ins and outs of Internet marketing. You’re the guinea pig.

Not all web designers understand online marketing for small businesses. Your web designer could ruin your business quickly with the 5 conversion killers we’ve just shown you.

Bear this in mind: you need a reliable business website designer – not just any web designer.

What’s Our Price?

The short answer is: it depends.


Simply stated, because it depends on the amount of work required to fulfill your task and how much value you want us to add to your business.

Do you only need a business site to showcase your services?

Do you want a blog fully integrated into it?

Do you want a lead capture system incorporated as well?

Or is there something else on your mind that’s not listed here that you’d like to discuss with us?

As said, the cost will vary depending on the requirements.

Get in touch with us now and get a quote for your project – free of charge.

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